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Default Pipes you say...

Originally Posted by jerome_oneil View Post
Steps to sounding like Michael Bublé.

1. Be Michael Bublé.
2. Don't be someone else.

The dude has great pipes. He also has access to some of the best recording spaces, engineers, and producers on the continent. Outside of the great pipes and surrounding talent, what will impact your recordings more than anything else is the space you're in.

So stop looking at kit and technique for the time being, and take a close look at *where* you're recording. What does that space look like? Have you measured it? Have you treated it after you've measured it?

Fix that, first. Then you'll be much better prepared to place whatever kit you have wherever it should go.

You're still not gonna sound like Bublé, though.
Hahaha, fair enough. However, with all respect, go check out my website and you'll see I have "pipes" too.

You're right about how the space affects the recording though. I've recorded in very reflective spaces and very non-reflective spaces. I've also played around with the proximity effect to the mike (a reasonable Rode NT1-A) and varying where the mic is pointing (from straight on to aiming at my forehead to aiming at my chest). None of these things have a large enough effect to get that fuzzy growl. Now if that growl was all the way through his voice, I'd agree it's just Michael but to my ears, it's not. It's only in one specific frequency range. This is why I'm pretty sure it's added after the fact.
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