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The guy has great control of his pipes.
Saturation could come from a band on the compression, but it starts with control of his voice probably.
I slap on distortion for singers using falsetto/headtones and boost Mids if it's a section lasting 4-16 bars.
Gets a lo-if grittiness while boosting the volume.
But that's using really focused parametric EQ.

I love the Nelson Riddle Horn Section sounds he gets in the studio.
He has a fantastic live show too.
Played Hamm Hall in Vegas years ago when he first came out.
Horn players in all of the shows called subs as they flocked there trying to score a gig.
It was like Maynard Ferguson came back from the dead.
Live he had excellent FX and the room is one of the best.

But I always notice the FX of live shows, it's usually why certain soundmen can name their price.
Seal paid a local guy 16k a month, Englebert use to pay 10k for a monitor guy.
Singers really rely on engineers and tolerate just about any kind of shenanigans or costs to get it.

Maria Carey, and Beyoncé...not so much.
It's pretty much automated so they can concentrate on those lame mating rituals...
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