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Default RprMidiNote

I wanted to build some ripple edit scripts for MIDI editor !

I make a bit of research anyway. MIDI notes doesn't have unique ID (they just had IDX) with the default API.
bool MIDI_GetNote(MediaItem_Take take, int noteidx, bool &selectedOut, bool &mutedOut, &startppqposOut, &endppqposOut, int &chanOut, int &pitchOut, int &velOut)
Because of the IDX based, it seems pretty unlikely to build any ripple edit script with this techniques, as IDX could change when note will move.

But I find there is another way to get midi notes... with SWS API.
RprMidiNote extension_api("FNG_GetMidiNote", RprMidiTake midiTake, int index)

We can get property this way too:
extension_api("FNG_GetMidiNoteIntProperty", RprMidiNote midiNote, "property")
The problem is that there is no indication about what to put in "property"...
and now indication about what is the advantage to use RprMidiNote.

Can you please explain to me how this work ?

Cheers !
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