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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Yea, I just didn't care/look at the time. However, if you set it up as ASIO in reaper.. "Model Mixer ASIO", then click "ASIO Configuration", you'll see the Tascam control panel, you can (or at least I can), slide that all the way down to the lowest buffer... Which showed 1.0/5.0 ms in reaper, I didn't test it but based on your explanation that's where you want to lower it.
Its more the difference I find intriguing, latency itself I understand with regard to the asio setting. For example the 1.0/5.0, the 43/63 at the highest buffer, but the new Focusrite is 1/1. 1.8 is 1.8, 43 is 43.

EDIT: I think I posted before I saw your last sentence From/to.
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