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Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
I would start by writing a nice letter to NI, stating your
use case, and desire for their creating a solid linux installation,
and registration process. Being in Germany/Berlin, there is
a much larger than 'normal' fluency with linux, partially
evidenced by Bitwig and U-he linux ports being just
down the road and around the corner, so to speak, and they do notice
each other's comings and goings.

NI are getting a fair share of grief from their win/mac base regarding
the move to 'Native Access', online-only registration, and to that point, having a secondary linux installed, just for testing that as it evolves,
and for wine-staging tests regarding Kontakt, and other related ongoing developements, would be a good path to maintain.

I doubt there is a large legal market for a cracked or reverse engineered
nki reader/writer. I'd think it better to fully develope sfz format,
and some good free efforts are ongoing. Scripting languages
are a linux strong suit, so uniting on one for instrument articulations,
should be a priority. Not that forks are in short supply
at the linux diner and dinner tables.

Have you tried the free SampleTank 3 from IK Multimedia,
for general impressions? I've been able to register their products
in linux to date.

I don't mean to reduce you to tears, but I, and others, have been asking NI politely for a native linux version of Kontakt for years, and no one has ever got a positive reply. It's either NO!, or the corporate wall of silence.

I took another approach on this and wrote to the sample lib companies, asking them if they'd ask "on our behalf."

They weren't interested either.

I was smart enough to keep all my old Gig libs, including my beloved Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection, and i have those running nicely with Linuxsampler.

The Kontakt only stuff runs on a separate box. The smaller libs run in an older version of Kontakt 5 in Wine.

The jump from Service Center to Native Access ensures i will never buy a Kontakt format library again.

Vote with your wallet, and let the sample lib manufacturers know how you feel.

And politely ask those companies making VST instruments if they'll include native Linux versions. Pianoteq managed it with their superb Piano. There's no reason why others can't pick up some decent trade (business opportunity) as a result of the NI anti-linux stance. If we make enough (polite) noise to others, they will benefit from our combined purchasing power.


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