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The images below show me having 20 instances of FM8 playing with a latency of 5.3ms (48000hz/128 samples) with no xruns on my old dual core Dell inbuilt sound crapbox with Ubuntu Studio 16.10 with the stock low latency kernel.

With the Ubuntu real time kernel (mentioned below), I can get 2.6ms latency at 96000hz 128 samples with no xruns on one of my quad core systems with a basic inbuilt motherboard sound (old quad core Intel DG33BU with the worst inbuilt sound capabilities).

The images below show 20 instances of FM8 at 30 seconds to the 2 minute playing mark with no xruns at 5.3ms latency on my old Dell dual core.

I've also done the same sort of thing with multiple instances of Kontakt and got the same results.

Seems like some distros and their Wine versions might cause some performance issues.

Yosemite OSX with Wine and LinVst can get very low latencies, so that's another indicator that some LinVst latency problems that a user might encounter are due to the Linux distro and how the distro's Wine is interacting with the distro, more than anything else.

So I'm only going to recommend Ubuntu Studio for LinVst (fwiw) and other distros might be ok and might not be.

Dedicated audio distros like Ubuntu Studio, AVLinux etc are setup for audio.

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