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Originally Posted by tombuur View Post
I simply can't make Reaper work with video. I have been all over the place and there is lots of technical stuff, just confusing. There are links to installing VLC which leads to a bunch of files, so which one(s) of those to install for Win10 and Reaper both 64 bit?

I tried one VLC and as a standalone it seems to work, but not with Reaper.

Then I opened the dreaded Cubase 9.5 which worked right away with the video media. Unfortunately I have all audio I need for this project in Reaper ... This whole things just reminds of what a DIY DAW Reaper is. Very capable and modifiable, but you have to do a lot of tinkering yourself.

Could someone please explain the process of installing codecs and whatever is needed to make Reaper cope with video. In a simple step by step way, please.
Weird... it's just WORKS for me here... both MacOS or Win10 :/
What kind of issues are you facing?
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