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Hi there,

sorry for crossposting but it seems I can't solve my playback issues.

I want to play ProRes 422 HQ 4K/60fps in Reaper.
I can play those files smoothly with MPC-H and VLC.
VLC sometimes gives dropouts.

I've installed FFMPEG 4.1.1 (zeranoe) as stated on the official guide and not as stated at the beginning of this thread as many users suggested.

If I remove VLC from the codecs list in the options, I can't load anything on my timeline, so I suppose FFMPEG isn't working properly.

If I leave VLC in the codecs list I can play the video very slowly and with lot of dropouts (increasing 1 frame every 4 seconds).

I've tried to change ProRes container from .mov to .mkv without any successful result.

My configuration is:
CPU: i9-9900K (liquid cooling)
RAM: 32gb 3000mhz
GPU: RTX2080
SSD: Samsung EVO

OS: Windows 10
SW: Reaper (latest)
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