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I've been meaning to grill Paypal about their current policies about non-auction related payments...

They used to be very strict with needing a tracking number and the online auction site. But then if you as the customer simply had that info (like you would winning an auction on Ebay), you could do no wrong and they held your hand. To the point where sellers REALLY had to watch their ass!

But as soon as you tried to make a Paypal transaction outside of an auction site and don't have an official shipping tracking number... "Sorry, you didn't follow our rules and there's nothing we can do. Bye."

I honestly don't know if they have started honoring and protecting personal transactions using Paypal that don't involve Ebay. I think people are just doing that keeping their fingers crossed or I may be behind the times again.

For auctions, the seller is responsible for getting the item to you. Follow the rules and don't speak out of turn as it were and they have your back no matter what. You'll get a full refund including any and all shipping costs if the item doesn't arrive as described.

Careful with the "speak out of turn" part!
For example, if it is determined you "altered" anything you received, then the deal is off. Case closed. They play very stupid with this! Computers for example. One usually pops a hard drive into a computer they purchase as one of the first things you do. If you buy a computer on Ebay, you need to have a way to test it without opening the case. Because they will not understand that this type of product is made to be accessed in normal use. "YoU tooK THe SCrewS OuT? CASE CLOSED!" Computer? Toaster? Same difference.

My experiences and observations FWIW.
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