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Originally Posted by jalan View Post
Hi, all. My latest project is killing my machine (PC details in my sig) -- performance meter has me up in the mid 80% to 90%. My PC is a few years old now, but that still just doesn't seem right to me. I'm at about 40 tracks, but all basic stuff -- only one VST (Slate drums), guitars, bass and vox (looks like the TSE X50 on my guitars is what's doing the most damage).

Just wondering if there's anything in the RPR preferences, etc. that I may have setup wrong or might need to change to maximize my machine. Any input welcome. Thanks!
From what I've read, it seems that the TSE X50 is known to use a lot of CPU. Maybe you could replace it with the TSE X30 which uses a lot less CPU, or optimize the settings of the TSE X50 to use less CPU while playing live (tracking, practicing, etc) but still give full quality when rendering.

Check this review of the TSE X30 vs. the TSE X50:
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