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What ASIO buffer size are you running at? ~64 samples is going to eat a bunch of CPU, even on your Q6600. 128 samples can take it's toll as well.

I got an i7 2600K, overclocked from 3.4 to 4.3GHz and ASIO 64 samples/44.1KHz. I still push this system to the max with 4 VSTi's, 2 IR reverbs, about 30 ReaEQs & ~150 tracks.

When I say "pushed to the max", I mean 50% CPU, because that's when I start to hear the dreaded Rice Krispies. I can knock that usage way down when mixing (ASIO: 4096 samples/44.1KHz.)

PS: I'm typing this from my Q6600 box (former DAW, now Internet box.)

- Mike
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