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Just seen this set of tools today, but I can't get them to run.
I'm trying to use the 'Insert Linear or Shaped Ramps' script.
I have it installed via ReaPack. Have tried a few others of Julian Sader, but all seem to be the same result
I've tried opening the script via a toolbar button and via a shortcut, but neither seem to work.

Using a keyboard shortcut, I get the following message:

The mouse should be positioned over a CC lane in which ramps can be drawn: 7-bit CC, 14-bit CC, pitchwheel or channel pressure.

(To prevent future error messages, set 'verbose' to 'false' in the USER AREA near the beginning of the script.)"

My mouse is positioned over a Velocity lane, so I don't know why the error is coming up

Using a Toolbar button, nothing happens at all.

I get no dialogue box opening ( have not touched User settings so default is for dialogue to open )
Tried SWS 2.8.3 and 2.8.7

If I try another script like 'Envelope LFO generator' from Xenakios that is ok.

I'm very new to Scripts ( today really ), so there is probably something really simple I have missed. I've read through various forum posts that would seem to be relevant, but still can't find if I'm being daft and missing a setting or something.

Running 64Bit REAPER latest 5.25pre5 on Windows 8.1, 64bit on Intel i7

Hopefully, somebody can point out the error of my ways...
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