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Hi Phoby, welcome to the wonderful world of scripts! I hope they will make your MIDI editing much more efficient.

The fact that you are getting the error message means that you have loaded the script and keyboard shortcut correctly. However, as the error message points out, when you start the script, your mouse must be positioned over a type of lane in which ramps can be drawn (7-bit CC, 14-bit CC, pitchwheel or channel pressure) - not the velocity lane, since the script draws CCs, not notes.

Some of the other scripts, such as Warp, Tilt, Arch, Compress etc, do work in the velocity lane, since they edit pre-existing notes.

Where relevant, the name of the script indicates whether it will work on the the "lane under mouse" or the "last clicked lane". (This is the same terminology that the SWS actions use.) In the case of the ramp script, for example, the full name is "js_Insert linear or shaped ramps between selected CCs or pitches in lane under mouse".

To select a script via the toolbar, please refer to post 85 above.

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