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I mentioned this in a different thread yesterday. I might just not be able to find the correct options.

There is an inconsistency between double clicking a note to switch items and double clicking an item in Arrange view to switch. Double clicking a note leaves the item as Editable. Double clicking the item leaves it as Visible (this is what I want, and accords with my settings IMO.)

One editor per project
Open all selected items
Active item follows selection changes in arrange view
Selection linked to visibility
--both in Prefs and in Tracklist menu. The wording involved here confuses me as to whether or not these are one and the same setting(s)

I think if the bold setting is in effect, it should revert to Visible. If selection is linked to Editability, it should be, then, left as Editable. (why an action for both of those now? I thought it was a toggle. They can, according to tracklist right click menu, both be on.)
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