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Originally Posted by maxdis View Post
I think the great expandability of Reaper is at the same time its strong point but also a big weak point: I bought Playtime several months ago and created some projects with it, thinking that it would be a valid alternative to Ableton Live, with the advantage to have everything integrated into Reaper; now apparently Playtime has been abandoned, so I will have to consider Ableton Live again: even though Playtime still seems to work, sooner or later, with some new Reaper updates, there will probably be more or less serious bugs that will never be fixed.
The same problem concerns ReaLearn, also developed by Helgoboss, a fantastic extension that should be native to Reaper, and that probably will also stop working sooner or later.
I totally appreciate the great work that many external developers are doing with the extensions, often making them available for free, but it starts to be very difficult to establish a professional workflow when some important aspects of the software are entrusted to third-party applications, which could stop work from day to day if the developer decides not to support them anymore.
I totally agree on this.
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