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Very cool! As for audio interfaces, almost anything you plug into it will be recognized. I plugged my Behringer UMC1820 into it, and it was instantly available for REAPER to use. That interface is normally on my DAW, but I hooked it up just to see how it would work, and it passed with flying colors.

Normally I'm using a cheap USB audio interface that is a USB cable with mic and line jacks at the end of it, and it works fine with REAPER although at much higher latency. I'm not using HDMI audio because I switch between the composite video output and HDMI and wanted one audio source that is the same for both, rather then having to hook up two different audio cables.

When I have it on analog composite video, it shows up as one of the feeds on my security system, and when it's on HDMI it takes over my main and secondary monitors for dual screen use. It's nice being able to run news on the security monitor and still see what all the cameras are picking up, but if I need to configure something, I can put it on the 40" main monitor and see what I'm doing. All the switching is done through the Raspberry Pi configuration app too, with no cable swaps needed.

You can see Kodi running in the fourth slot on my second monitor when it's on the security system.

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