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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I plugged in an old Saitek joystick and confirmed that it was working using some of the commands, like installing joystick on this page.

Issuing sudo cat /dev/input/js0 confirmed that it was being read, but the add joystick midi option in REAPER didn't see it.

I've never tried to use a joystick with REAPER, but it looks like that option is for those midi interfaces that plugged into a joystick port, like this old school cable.

From my experience on windows, REAPER actually support joysticks connected through bluetooth (super awesome), which is why I made the attempt to use wiimote on rpi4 in the first place. Currently, wiimote is connected and (probably) recognized, but the joystick pop-up windows doesn't open at all on my rpi4.
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