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Can we all just get along?The guy just wants some info and made an ignorant mistake,anyway to answer your question.
I have three cpu derivatives on various machines in current use, 2 workstations and a laptop.

i3 M 380 at 2.53ghz in Lenovo Z560 Laptop 8 gig ram Windows 8.1
i7 2700k on a Gigabyte Z77- DS3H : 8 gig ram Windows 8.1/Windows 7/OSX 10.9.5
G2020 on Z77X-D3H : 8 gig ram Windows 8.1/OSX 10.10.2

i7 2700k is the best performer even though I fried 2 of the cores from overclocking too high for an extended period ( 4.6 ghz)
I now run that i7 overclocked 24/7 at 4.2 ghz comfortably and I have tested with and without hyperthreading on Cubase ,Protools and Reaper and Logic Pro X.I like it better without .
It really depends on your workflow and how you intend to use Reaper as I get incredible performance at low latency on the G2020 and M 380.I do use a multitude of SSD,s and Terabyte WD Black drives which do make a huge difference in some respects of how I work on my machines.
If you are willing to overclock then just get a k series processor and run it 4.2 ghz minimum,more if it will do it stable.I have been building /modifying/repairing workstations for more than 15 years mostly for video and music production and these days I find even entry level processors have the ability to get it done.Give some info about your priority.
Low latency
Sample Libraries
High track count for audio
Multitasking different applications
And what is the rest of the computer configuration?Audio Interface etc?
Hope that helps.
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