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Default Zoom HR-V3 + GoPro Fusion Thread

I moved this to it's own thread, yay the H3-VR arrived yesterday...

^That bracket comes with the H3.

I haven't had much time to work with it. I did try something that didn't work that I think should have worked - FYI that below I'm using the H3-VR to onboard encode Format A into Ambix so it's already Ambix when I get it...

1. Record audio/video via Fusion 360 and H3-VR.
2. Pull those files into the PC.
3. Stitch the video with Ambix embedded with the Fusion mic array.
4. Bring that stitched video and the H3-VR Ambix 4-channel WAV into Reaper.
5. Mute the 4-channel Ambix audio in the video track.
6. Align the 4-channel H3-VR Ambix audio with the video track.
7. Export as MP4 as 4-channel Audio (I confirmed the 4-channel audio exists in the file).
8. Inject 360 Video/Spatial Audio meta data into the file via Google's Spacial Media Meta Data Injector. (I confirmed the 4-channel audio exists in the injected file).
9. Upload to You tube.

If I do this without steps 4-8 using the original 4-Channels from the Fusion, it functions properly on YT - I get a 360 VR video and the proper sound stage that pans with the video (IOW if I stop at step 3 and upload, it all works but that's not good because it's the Fusion mics) - if I do the intermediate steps above (4-8), all works the same except the Ambix Spatial audio doesn't work.

I think I'm missing something because should theoretically work without any Ambisonic plugins in Reaper no? Because it's already in the format needed and there is no folding etc. needed. I'm just replacing the 4-channel Ambix in the video with the 4-Channel Ambix from the H3-VR. Ideally I want to be able to edit the video in Reaper or Davinci Resolve then at some point replace the Fusion embedded Ambix with the H3-VR Ambix. It's possible I made an oversight and need to try again.

The only other quick test I was able to complete was to record the H3-VR to binaural WAV, I just strolled around the camera saying "north, northeast, east, southeast, etc. until I cycled 360 degrees. That worked but no video was involved, just listening to the recorded file on headphones.
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