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Default More Testing...

I think I've made some progress...

Replacing Fusion 360 Audio with H3-VR Audio

I had made a mistake or two before, I was using a clip with me circling the mic when I needed to be in a single position to test panning a 360 video using Ambix Audio. That works now, I can import the H3-VR Ambix track, do some processing, mute the original video Ambix track, render as a Video with 4-Channel Ambix (WYZX) from Reaper, inject the VR metadata and voila, works on YT, low-res test below. This should also work with VR headset or iPhone with a cardboard viewer using the YT App:

This should work embedded here if the browser such as Chrome is aware:


Processing the H3-VR Ambix in Reaper, Video in Resolve

I need the option of working with the H3-VR audio in Reaper and the 360 Video in Davinci Resolve without a 2nd encoding pass.

This works but my last test screwed up something on the Ambix audio, this should be OK once I figure that out.
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