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Bravo! Beautifully done my friend!
This song is a classic and you've done it justice here. Not an easy task.
The cajon is a nice touch and fits this song well.
Recording wise, you've obtained some lovely warm textures here and everything sits together nicely.
If I could be hyper critical, the only thing i noticed was perhaps some minor intonation issues in the lead solo but I'm really nit picking here.

Regarding the VR video, it works quite well here on the YouTube app on my phone through my Beyer cans. As is pretty typical for most Binaural decoders though, there's a good sense of left/right and the panning in that direction is quite good. However, the up/down and front/back isn't particularly convincing.
That is in no way critical of what you've used though. It is solely a result of YouTube using a one size fits all ears algorithm which is always going to be a compromise.
From an audio quality perspective though, the Zoom certainly captures the warmth of your acoustic quite well.
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