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ah, thanks. I like the zoom, it's much better than the built-in mics on the Fusion 360 (because the 360 is water resistant). Zoom doesn't handle high SPL that well though, it really needs a 10dB pad at minimum for stuff like a live band. I do have a test video somewhere with it in the middle of the practice room and since we play in a circle you can sort of pan around audio and video. Nice catch on the intonation, it's very likely my slightly flat or sharp bend, with the requirement of no post edits, I left it as-is.

The Fusion 360 is pretty great, not so great in low light but it is 5.2k - the main thing I've used it for is sitting in the middle of the rehearsal room because I can extract 1080p views anywhere in the field which allows me to virtually increase my camera count. I think there are two vids in collab where I did that.
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