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Thanks for the graphic, its been edited into the first post as suggested

Actually, come to think of it, I have a question...

Originally Posted by Xenakios
It's slightly complicated all in all, but under no circumstances a 32 bit app can use more than 4GB of memory.(*) If a 32 bit app can use even that depends on some factors, such as the application itself supporting it. Many legacy apps are limited to 2GB of RAM. And that goes for plugins too. So even if your main app, say Reaper, would support up to 4GB of RAM in 32 bit, there might be plugins that would get confused (ie, probably just crash) when they find themselves in a 32 bit process with 4GB of available RAM.
So lets say you have a system with 8GB of RAM and a 64bit operating system. You're running a bunch of apps all at the same time, some 32 bit, some 64 bit. Are all of the 32 bit programs going to be accessing the same ~4GB chunk of RAM with each other, or will they take whatever RAM is available, ~4GB at a time for each program? Thus effectively making use of the extra available RAM, though not entirely in the same process. Im going to guess no, but maybe operating systems are smarted than I think they are?
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