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Originally Posted by danerius View Post
Hi. Im having trouble understanding this bit of code. Its from Losers Waveshaping Distortion.

Mostly the second line "hdistr =....". How does the "100,.999" bit work? I get that It gives a value for "foo" to be calculated and then used in the formula. How would I enter these values in a regular calculator? Slider range is 0-100.


hdistr = min(slider1/100,.999);
foo = 2*hdistr/(1-hdistr);

spl0 = min(max(spl0,-1),1);
spl1 = min(max(spl1,-1),1);

spl0 = (1+foo)*spl0/(1+foo*abs(spl0));
spl1 = (1+foo)*spl1/(1+foo*abs(spl1));
I am not sure exactly what you are asking. Do you mean
It divides the value of slider1 by 100, then takes the minimum of that value and 0.999. Is this what you mean?

Or do you mean to ask why the value of foo is calculated the way it is? Of that, I have no idea, sorry.
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