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Originally Posted by fetidus View Post
I asked something similar in another thread a while back -- I can't recall the answer, but the basic idea was that Justin and Schwa have some sort of continuity plan if Justin disappears off the face of the earth, etc. They gave me the impression that there is the safe business use case for Reaper, and it seemed like there's no issue. But as ED said, your projects are safe in whatever the current version and also keep in mind that the actual save files of Reaper are basically TXT files in an XML-like format that would be relatively easy to parse the write a translator for. Open up a Reaper save file and you'll see what I mean. It's actually easy to read and understand, which is really refreshing. So you are actually in really good shape with Reaper IMO, and I'm pretty damn picky about this issue.
The answer was also that the human factor is not the biggest risk for a company and that financial risks or corporate strategy risks are as big if not bigger, as we've seen quite recently. Even Apple with all their money killed Aperture for obscure reasons, a software that was widely popular.
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