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Trying and failing to get my Roland A800 Pro to work in Win10.
If this continues over the next few hours I will have to roll back to 7 until Roland bring out a Win10 driver or give up on win10 completely.

Nvidia control panel having problems, it doesn't work, but was working earlier.

SoundBlaster X-Fi titanium drivers have very similar problem though sound working on both optical and analogue. Sound is working but cannot get into menus to choose any settings etc.

Trying and failing to get my mono laser printer to work in win10 again, not going to replace this simply for the Win10 experience. It worked perfectly in Win7 with a vista driver. I will keep trying to make it work.

All my plugins licenses worked immediately. All stand alone versions worked as expected (as far as I can tell so far).
Had slight hiccup with elicenser for Steinberg Retrologue but other than that all worked immediately.

Starting to feel like a fixed something that wasn't broken and paying the price.
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