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Default Creative Sound Blaster X-FI SB0460?


I have the CSB sound card listed in the title. My OS is Windows 7 running on a PC.

The connectivity on the card is:

> RCA 2-channel analog audio line in, mono phone jack with volume pot,
> MIDI in/out, Mic in, SPDIF in/out, optical (laser) in/out, headphone out, and aux in.

> I will be mixing down very simple demo tracks, vocals and acoustic
> guitar mostly, recorded on an Alesis ADAT XT at 44.1 KHz/16 bit with an AKG 414.
> They were recorded dry, so I'll need to sweeten the vocals. I also
> need to digitize and clean up some OLD archival cassettes. One spin is all you get!

My question: I can't tell if my card is covered in the list of working sound cards or not. Any opinions as to whether I'll be good to go, or have to buy new drivers?

This is my first post, so please forgive newbieness. And thanks for your help!

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