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Hi and welcome to the forums!

First off, based on what you wrote in your other thread, I would suggest that it is going to be more important to get a halfway decent audio interface rather than the consumer unit you have now.
It will sorta do what you want but a better interface will give you so much less hassle.

Plenty out there that will do ADAT (for your 8 track i/o) and since you really dont need to build a massive monster of a computer, you could easily wind up paying out for something with ADAT I/O and have plenty left over for a pretty good desktop, especially if you self-build.
Really not that difficult, honest!

I just found the Behringer UMC1820 which appears to have a generally good reputation for working at a very low price. BUT check around for other opinions before you leap in on it.
I have an old rme HDSP9652 pci card in my studio machine which has 3 ADAT I/O for a total of 24 in and out if I used them all! Cost me 200 used a few year back and is still updated regularly.{ Performance is excellent.
My laptop and my Mac Mini share a RME Babyface USB and ADAT interface which is also excellent.
Both a bit too pricey for you unless you get lucky on the used market like I did!
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