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Just a few weeks ago I sold my ESQ1 synth (among other things) as I'm moving into virtual synths completely now. I have many great VSTi synths that can fill the gap (Albino, Pro53, Tera, just to name a few). However, I stumbled upon a free VSTi emulation of the SQ80/ESQ1 and it sounds very close to the real deal. So I'm very happy to have this one as well

The only real limitation is that it's 'only' eight voice polyphonic, but hey my ESQ1 was also eight voice poly.

For those that don't know the Ensoniq synths: they combine digital wavetable oscillators with analog filters. The result is a very versatile instrument that can do bright digital sounds close to DX7 and PPG stuff, as well as fat warm analog things (the ESQ1 bass sounds are earth-moving).

So if you are looking for a very versatile 'bread and butter' synth, or just a great sounding one to complement others, grab this one (before it dissapears, you never know).

It's here:
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