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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
[oscii-bot.exe v0.6]

One thing that I saw, when in MIXER Mode, is that the oscii-bot script changes the colour of the tracks when "Bank Left" or "Bank Right" is selected. I wanted to keep the colours so thought that I would flash the Solo buttons momentarily. The code changes below work, but the flash is too quick - I would like it to be, say, 1 second. I tried the JS FX loop syntax but oscii-bot detected a syntax error.

How can I add a timer?

This is an interesting visualisation idea

You shouldn't put any delay in the @midimsg section since as a minimum it will mess up detection of button presses etc. possibly worse given the simple scheduling and single threading model used in OSCII-bot.

Instead you need to add an @timer section

In @midimsg just set a flag to indicate that the "solo" action is needed.

Then in the @timer section
- detect that the flag is set
- issue the action to set solo (once only)
- start a timer: using a counter, or time() or time_precise()
- when the timer expires
-- issue the clear solo action
-- reset the flag

Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Two other oscii-bot questions
(a) why does it appear in my Notification Area (Windows 7) for a short time (~40 seconds) then disappear; there is also the usual icon on my Task Bar
(b) if I close the OSCII-bot window using the [x] is the top-right corner, how do I get it back (to stop it properly)? The icon disappears from the Task Bar but the process is still running.
Behaviour seen is as follows: The icon should stay in the task bar indefinitely until you hit the [x]. The icon is always in the notification area. After using the [x] to minimise, double click on the icon in the notification area to restore the window. When you restore it the icon also reappears in the task bar. The minimise and restore "feature" is explained a bit more in another thread on the OSCII-bot forum.

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