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First of all, thanks to all involved for creating the MidiMixControl script, it works really well.

Incidentally, I was looking for alternative ways to highlight the tracks of the selected banks a couple of days ago and stumbled across this thread.
The reason for this was:

a) Changing the colour did not work for me (more on this below)
b) I did not want the script to mess with my track colours

I have played around with it a bit yesterday and got an initial version going using the timer and flashing the solo button as an alternative solution. But as I have no idea what I am doing, as this is the first time with scripting in Reaper and the OSCII-bot, I have also run into some issues.

The timer bit seems to work, but I had to move the track deselect commands into the timer routine, as these seemed to be executed before the timer kicked in, according to the log window. So the solo enable/disable was done after all tracks in question had already been deselected.

However, after confirming in the log window, that the order of commands is correct, I still see only my last manually selected track flash the solo, which leads me to believe that the select of the bank tracks does not work correctly, which might explain why I did not see any colour changes in the first place. The faders work correctly though, when switching to another bank. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?
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