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Originally Posted by iMax View Post

Incidentally, I was looking for alternative ways to highlight the tracks of the selected banks a couple of days ago and stumbled across this thread.
The reason for this was:

a) Changing the colour did not work for me (more on this below)
b) I did not want the script to mess with my track colours
You might be also interested in the different styles of colour based track highlighting tried by Banned in his code for the Peavey StudioMix

Originally Posted by iMax View Post

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?
Appropriately pair the tracks' select and deselect, and only execute each of them once. Consider the order that things are actually happening on the two (allegedly) different threads @midimsg and @timer, as you are deducing from the log. One might need some sort of semaphore to wait momentarily and synchronously in @midimsg until @timer has run for the first time. Print messages using time_precise() to the log may be helpful whilst debugging.

Beyond that one would need to see code, and associated log fragments, and possibly screen shots to be more helpful.

Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Toggling Solo may get a bit LOUD - perhaps change it to toggle the Mutes.
Been thinking further. Whilst the visual cues on track banking should be good, one needs to have a think about the undesirable effect of either solos or mutes when using the Midimix for live mixing.

It's a shame that one can set colours etc with a Reaper action but there is no "toggle track colour" type action.

An understated way of visually highlighting the tracks, that will have no audio effect, might be just to select the eight tracks in the bank and then unselect them after the one second delay.

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