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Originally Posted by Sweetfoot View Post
I'd like to be able to select a track with the mouse, and have my MCU and MCUxt scroll to show that track on fader 1 of the extender (leftmost fader). Geoff's old MCU extension behaved this way, and it was wonderful. With the latest CSI build, I'm not getting that behavior. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

By the way, thank you all for this incredibly helpful project!
SomeButton ToggleScrollLink 1
This will put the screen selected track on channel 1. If the track is already visible on the surface, no banking takes place. It will only bank as close to channel 1 as it can get whilst still filling the surface(s) with tracks- it doesn't leave surface channels empty.

Similarly, if you select a track on the surface, the screen will scroll to place the track on the far left of the mixer. If the track is already visible on the screen, no scrolling tales place.
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