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Default Looking for new live performance computer

I'm looking for what would be the most capable low latency/live performance system (non desktop). So far my deduction has come to the MSI GT76 Titan (and it IS relatively large and quite heavy) with a 9900k, due to (what I can deduce) the apparently superior cooling system (over the Alienware Area 51m or Clevo P750TM1, other 9900k desktop replacement class). The implication being that better cooling would allow higher sustained CPU speeds.

Another hypothetical is if I'm reconciled with the size and weight of the above, just a little more size allowance and instead I could perhaps build a slim size mini-itx 9900k. Comparing dimensions of the gt76, an example of a slim style mini-itx case is only 1 inch wider and about 3 inches thicker.
15.04" (W) x 4.13" (H) x 14.33" (D)

On the other hand, to go for a smaller size, this i9 nuc looks interesting, coming next year supposedly, but the cooling looks comparatively basic. Would want to wait for some reports about its effectiveness.

For audio interface, so far I've come to the Presonus Quantum, due to wanting 8 pre amps in a single rack (I like RME, but they don't have a single rack with 8 pres, and Antelope's reports/reputation is quite discouraging (looked at the Discrete 8) ).

Thanks for any thoughts!
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