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Thanks, yes the main use of the system would be for low latency mixing/monitoring of mics/instruments and use of many effects applied to that live audio. Some vsti use would also be a good option to have. Wouldn't be using any huge sample libraries though (figuring 32gb ram will be a good start), and likely could suffice with relatively lower cpu hit soft synths.

Right, I'm also thinking the "desktop replacement" oversize "laptops" using the 9900k desktop processor is the way to go. Though they are notably bigger and heavier, the computer and associated sensitive other gear hopefully could just work out under the limits of flight carry-on baggage.

I am using RME digiface + adat rack(s) for my current system (is from 2010). RME works great. Its possible I could use the digiface with a new laptop by using an ExpressCard to Thunderbolt adapter (does exist). Disadvantage there is two more small-medium units added to the system (adapter box + digiface) compared to a single rack. According to that gearslutz latency thread, the Quantum is ranked among the better ones (RME PCIe is first), and user reports generally are good from what I've seen so far.

Thanks for your reply!
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