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Originally Posted by dazastah View Post
what will the computer be doing exactly ? vst playing ?
multi backing tracks ? vst effect processing ?
all of the above?

For perspective I run a backing track system (at most 16 stems)on a atom z8350 cpu with 4gb ram. its a touch tv box type pc. all flash storage so it can handle massive vibration. reaper does quite well on such a mini system.
we are using either the soundcraft ui24r or behringer x32core with s16 box..
sending at most 8 backing tracks to foh or running the whole stage through these boxes for mixing.
My 2012 MacBook will run 60 opened project tabs of 20+ tracks without a sweat. I never have more than 3 tabs online at the same time. But still. Itís pretty effective. Iím always amazed at how effective Reaper is...
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