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Default Streaming a Stereo Channel on Original Ninjam Client?


Is it possible for the original Ninjam client (Windows) to stream a stereo channel? The only way I can see this to be possible is to create 2 channels, but this is counterproductive as only you (or anyone who actually pans you) will hear the stereo.
In case anyone asks, I normally do use ReaNinjam. The reason I am hoping this will work is there's something wrong with the chat window in ReaNinjam for me. I am blind and the chat display where all messages are posted doesn't seem to allow me to scroll through it, so if I am to keep up with the chat I must hear every single message every single time I check it. Original Ninjam client does not have this issue (nor does the revised TeamStream version.)
I tried to check the ninjam.cfg file for clues on how to set up a stereo mix but duplicating the settings from the ReaNinjam cfg file does not work.
Any ideas?
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