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Originally Posted by XITE-1/4LIVE View Post
fast powerful 1U PC in a small rack.
That sounds great! If you don't mind, might you happen to have your build's part list to share? Ideally I'd like to build it with a 9900k cpu and as much cooling as possible so as to be able to maintain moderately higher cpu speeds, 4.0-4.5 ghz I suppose would be good?

Is it the one in your photo with the yellow keyboard on top of the skb with 1u rack in it? Curious as to what software that is on the screen?

The "laptop" I've been considering is a desktop replacement class (9900k cpu), and is actually another step above what I see ADK offers on their site (my current computer is such kind from ADK from about 10 years ago). That step is due to a larger chassis which has improved venting/cooling, and the reseller (HIDevolution) delidding the cpu and applying liquid metal to improve thermals, as well as couple other treatments with the gpu (including a "vapor chamber").

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