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Hi Glennbo,

Funny you should say that because I also just bought a raspberry pi4 (4GB version with a FLIRC aluminium heatsink case). Bought it for running Kodi as a media centre but couldn't resist buying 2 micro SD cards so I could have two OS's - one running Kodi in LibreELEC and another running raspbian to experiment with REAPER.

I've had it for about a week now but only just found the time to install REAPER on it. The first thing I noticed when running it was that REAPER won't output audio via the onboard audio outputs (selecting either ALSA or Pulse Audio in the Audio Prefs seems to make no difference. I tried both the HDMI audio and onboard jack outputs. They both work fine with other apps though.

Not sure what's going on there but haven't had time to do any tracking down. Will try it later with my RME Babyface which hopefully will work...

BTW...Kodi runs great!

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