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Default Trouble with window resizing in plugin development

Hi, I have been working recently on improving some window setup code on plugin-side, for VST plugins on macOS.

It's in the context of DPF, the DISTRHO plugin framework.

I wish to resolve a known issue about resizing, where the parent and child window are conflicting, and resizing each other in a loop.

An example:

I think, it may relate to this former post, and the noted fact that Reaper is not using a "content view".

For context, the former developer who has worked on this has used the NSView "autoResizingMask" on the editor, such that it can adapt when a user resizes the containing window via mouse.
I know this resizing to be at the origin of the problem.

Previously, I opened an issue and I took some notes, also introduced a somewhat unsatisfactory hack.

Do you known what is an adequate way to implement resizing on macOS? Thanks.
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