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Originally Posted by winbe View Post
I am constantly having to copy / paste my audio each time I change it somewhere...
I have always the risk to forget to make one copy, and this is quite time consuming...
You can replace all copied instances of item with the new edited item using "Replace in project -> All instances" in Project Bay 'Media Items' tab.
All changes in item length, looping, source media, source section, take envelopes, take fx, item fades, stretch markers, etc will be automatically copied to all instances.

To be able to use the Project Bay effectively, it is good to give some meaningful names for your takes and files.
It is also useful to enable these options in Porject Bay:
  • "Mirror selection in bay and project". This helps for example to see which items are identical copied instances and which ones you are replacing.
  • "Automatically retain media items when removed from project". This helps to easily get back to some old version of your item edits.

I know, this is not the same as the "box" feature requested here. But, it is much easier than manual copy / pasting.


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