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Default Audiobox 1818VSL iMac help needed....

I've been using Reaper/Focusrite for years on a Windows 7 machine with no issues. A friend of mine has an iMac (Mojave, 48gb ram, 4.2 i7) that he is using with the Presonus AudioBox 1818vsl. He has been using Logic Pro X and everything works as it should with that hardware/software combination, but when I showed him how much better Reaper was, he wanted to give it a shot.

So we installed the 64-bit demo version and it sees the Audiobox, but doesn't seem to be talking to it. By that I mean I can select the audio device in Reaper and assign tracks to the inputs, but no signal seems to be coming in, nor is there any output.

We know that the hardware works with his system, because it's working with Logic. I'm feeling like maybe I'm just forgetting to do something stupid... Any thoughts or suggestions?
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