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Originally Posted by faethor View Post
Hi there

I want to use Redrum as VST Plugin. So far so good, it is working, but how can I get my programmed bead from Redrum to the item lane as Midi? When i run Reson standalone, its possible to "copy pattern to track", but in vst mode this funcion is not available.
Somebody knows the trick?

Thanks in advance

I got as far as starting to type a response about dead horses not working in DAWs and decided that was too crass, even for me. On topic? Hm... have you found out what the internal file format for Redrum is? You might well be able to do a cut n paste from the standalone into reaper as a media item IF they are able to be compatible. Worth a try... EDIT Just had a quick look and apparently you CAN get MIDI output from Redrum.
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