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Default canResize() not supported for VST3 plugins

I sent this out as a feature request. It's more a matter of incomplete VST spec support than what I'd call a bug. But since it got no response in the feature request category, I'm trying again here.

This is copied from

Hi, I'm developing a new plugin framework over here using the Steinberg VST3 API. I do the following:

- click "FX" in the master track
- click "add" in the "FX: Master track" window to add a copy of my VST3

I see Reaper calling `canResize()` and my plugin returns false. But the "FX: Master track" window displays resizers at all the borders and corners anyway. This gets in the way of my own corner resizer so I would like the window to not do that. Since I'm maintaining a constant aspect ratio with my plugin a bottom or side resizer doesn't really apply.

I'm pretty sure the same thing was happening with my JUCE / VST2 plugins. But I'm just looking forward and focusing on getting a good UX with Reaper and VST3.

Reaper 6.05/64, Mac OS 10.15.

thanks for your attention,
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