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Default Terratec EWS88MT still works on win 7 /10 + Reaper 6

I know that this card is ancient but i did want to share this info, the TERRATEC EWS88MT still works with windows 7 and upwards and Reaper 6, i know many people ditched their cards when they passed from XP to win 7 etc.
Last week i installed a EWS88MT with the last drivers Terratec ever made in a machine with win7 for my son to play around with.
They still work a charm and to be honest can perform much better than some of the latest soundcards from big names.

The only difference is that first you have to install the Terratec control panel software then reboot ,after install the drivers via the windows hardware panel.

Works on Windos 7 32 bit
Works on Windows XP 64 bit (perfect)
Works on 64 bit win7 pro ,but you have to calibrate the card/s every time you start windows.

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