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As for desktops, I've been putting off doing my new builds (I use two, one for backup) for about 6 months, not able to choose between Ryzen and Intel.

Intel has the all-core speed advantage, but also runs very hot. That's a problem in small rack cases.
I was afraid Ryzen might not quite give the same low-latency (small HW buffer) when really stressed.
And of course, there's no guarantee that the performance between Intel and Ryzen is equal even for a given cpu core speed, since the architectures are so different. (AMD's past history re latency is pretty bad.)

On the other hand, we might be at the point at which ALL good HEDT cpu's can give the lowest setting your interface offers, in which case why not go AMD and lose all that extra heat?

I'm STILL not sure, as I can't find much in the way of benchmarks, but a couple of recent posts elsewhere show the 3950X looking very good. One DAW builder reported a client successfully running a "recording session" (whatever that means) at 96K with a 32 HW buffer!

Sadly, there's no details on that session. It might have just been 16 tracks with a few plugins.
Still, it gives me high hope for the Ryzen chip.
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