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Originally Posted by brk303 View Post

Obviously, I disagree, but you have to plan well, know what you're doing and practice. The key is to carefully monitor your CPU usage and temperatures. You want to squeeze as much performance as you can out of it, but not more

This is my live setup:

So yeah, it obviously can work, with some careful planning. But that's kinda' my point. Why even bother, unless it's your only computer and you need a laptop for other uses as well?

You have a rack with gear, plus the laptop, and I assume an external drive or two as well.
Why not just get a bigger rack case, and put a rack-mount PC inside it with the other stuff? (That's what I do.) Then you have only 1 thing to carry, and all your wiring stays connected. (You could even slide a regular LCD into the top, if needed, though I don't as my LCD is built into my controller board.)

Plus, then you have the other advantages of a desktop pc.

Well, to each his own, obviously. I was just stating my strong preference.
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