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Originally Posted by mstojano View Post
so, i know a bit or two aboiut levels, lufs, mastering, loudness war...

heres what i dont get, what should i aim for to be safe?
hers a picture from one of my sessions, could someone explain me what are the relevant numbers and where to keep them?

the screen shot was done after i played the whole song through the meter

also i found this link
any magical number to make everyone happy?
I usually go for -16LUFS at loudest section while composing/mixing. This keeps me at similar level from song to song. For master I used to go for -8LUFS, but nowadays I go for -10LUFS on loudest part. Basically, my master goes up in level 6dB from mix. This gives arround -12LUFS overall for entire song.

Online services reduce level to some -13LUFS overall. Pop masters are still made at around -8LUFS overall.

I wouldn't worry too much about level. For CD release you may want it a bit loder, for online you can go a bit lower. IMO -10LUFS is fine target.
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