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Originally Posted by Tobbe View Post

Add new instrument -> SFZero and Salamander Piano
Add new instrument -> Tunefish

Reaper freeze and I can't do anything but Force Quit, and restart my computer. Done this twice with same result but in different order. Both instruments are LinuxVST except soundfont in SFZ format for Salamander Piano.

Add new instrument -> SForzando and Salamander Piano
Add ner instrument -> Tunefish

Works! Well one time anyway

Updating Linux Mint Debian yesterday, that's all new. What was installed & updated I don't know. Didn't pay attention to the update.

I tested it on Debian stretch and I get a seg fault when Tunefish is added.

I can only use Tunefish 3 because Tunefish 4 gives an error about the glibc version.

I think it might be due to some library incompatibility because SFZero and Tunefish are ok by themselves but not when they are used together.

If Tunefish is loaded first then SFZero won't load and if SFZero is loaded first then Tunefish won't load.

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