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I'm really glad the GUI-less version has improved loading times for you.

Justin has kindly looked into this for me: apparently it's most likely related to the number of declared functions and function calls, as the JSFX compiler currently does a linear search every time a function call occurs, effectively resulting in a performance hit proportional to the square of the total number of functions. In other words: ouchies, my friend...

When I get the chance, I'm going to have a hack at this from various angles: inlining certain functions and fine-tuning the removal logic via the minification process so that there are fewer functions overall, and tinkering with the EEL source code in WDL in an effort to improve the search algorithm to incorporate a number of potential optimisations I have brewing. Who knows, maybe those experiments will even trickle back into mainstream JSFX at some stage, despite Justin's clear anti-function leanings.

But for now, VST is generally looking very promising as a high performance solution, so I'll focus on that for a while.
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